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We fix marketing plans and ideas for any size and any type of company.



You learn a lot in 30 years when you are working in the same field, and, are dedicated to providing a valuable service for your clients. The more experience you achieve the more capable you are to know how to make marketing work for all types of businesses, products and services.

For many years I have worked closely with a handful of businesses almost as an in-house advertising agency. My experience has grown and I have been able to help sell their products and increase their bottom line. I have also spent a lot of time checking on media buys and advertising bills that did not seem correct from past agencies or past marketers on their staff. Many times, my recommendations for changes in media placement or to the budgets spent by my clients, has gained them better sales and exposure for the same budget or less.

I work to provide the most efficient way to do your marketing. As a consultant, I work with a company’s top management to provide them with the answers they want about their marketing and what they could also be doing-or what could be a waste of their money. 134 companies over the past 30 years have found my marketing consulting or project management saved them time, money and got them better results.

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